Fair Token Distribution PlatformBasilisk helps young cryptoprojects distribute tokens to their communities while navigating initial price discovery. It provides a gateway to liquidity bootstrapping in Kusama.
Modular AMM DesignBasilisk is designed to be flexible. Projects can bootstrap liquidity using an AMM implementation of their choice - Uniswap-like pools, Balancer-like LBP, auctions and an NFT marketplace.
Community firstAbove all, Basilisk is an outspoken community-centric project. It has the ambition to fully decentralize its governance and quickly become the first community-ran parachain.
HydraDX And Basilisk
Basilisk has close ties with - a project in the Polkadot ecosystem which is developing a novel type of multi-asset liquidity pool called the Omnipool.
Together, Basilisk and HydraDX create a synergy which caters to the varying liquidity needs of cryptoassets throughout their entire lifecycle. Bootstrap liquidity in the early stages using a Basilisk AMM, then move to the HydraDX Omnipool to unlock unprecedented cross-chain liquidity in an ocean of assets.

Build Your Next Financial Application On Basilisk

Optimized for DeFi applications, this is the place for you to build your next generation financial use case cheap & efficient.
Road Map
  • Basilisk becomes a Kusama Parachain
  • Governance launched
  • Snek Swap
  • NFT marketplace
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Stablecoin AMM pallet (Curve-like)
  • Liquidity Bootstraping Pools enabled