Liquidity protocol built on Kusama by HydraDX

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Basilisk Parachain Crowdloan

Learn more about Parachain slots and how to help Basilisk to get in.

Get BSX token for your support of Basilisk parachain crowdloan

Start unbonding your KSM

Support Basilisk to Become a Parachain

Basilisk and Hydra

Parachain is an exclusive slot on a Kusama network, enabling shared security and interoperability

Basilisk and Hydra

Kusama relay connects parachain but starts as a blank slate - with open parachain slots.


Basilisk and Hydra

Parachains are to be reserved with KSM tokens. Various blockchain projects compete for scarce parachain slots and KSM holders lock their KSM tokens for a certain period of time to help their favorite get the slot.

Basilisk and Hydra

Basilisk will participate in the upcoming Kusama parachain auctions to earn a slot among the first. The backers of the auction will be rewarded with BSX as they lock their KSM to support Basilisk candidacy.

Swap, Bootstrap & Provide Liquidity

Basilisk is built to support the long tail of cryptoassets and experimenting with financial applications and governance

Launchpad for Tokens

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools:
Traditional xyk models are not ideal for a price discovery of new assets. We are building a product that makes bootstrapping liquidity easier and efficient.

Cross-Chain Capabilities

Kusama enables cross-chain communication and Basilisk transforms that into cross chain swaps, composable & compounding liquidity mining incentives.

Supporting Long Tail of Assets

Build to be flexible and facilitate liquidity for many tokens. Each token is different. Varying maturity of tokens requires different curves to optimize its liquidity.